Paphos hotels say November wasn’t bad, not hopeful for December

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paphos municipal baths (2)

Paphos hotels operated at a 50-55 per cent capacity in November, Paphos hoteliers association head Thanos Michaelides said on Saturday.

Even though November did not reach 2019 figures, it was a relatively good month compared to previous years, Michaelides said, adding that the decrease in business was not as acute as in the summer months.

“This was thanks to more positive epidemiological factors and good weather, which resulted in increased demand for holidays” alongside the digital campaign launched by Paphos district, which helped showcase the district’s offerings.

Michaelides estimated that business will fall in December, with hotel capacity going as low as 30 and even 25 per cent, which has led many Paphos hotels to close.

December will be a difficult month, he said, with low capacity in the first two weeks and some more movement closer to Christmas. “However, a week cannot make up for the other three”.

Finally he said that many Paphos hotels are offering special Christmas packages for the Christmas and New Year’s period.



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